The Ruby on Rails Security Project would like to help you make your Rails applications more secure. I'm Heiko Webers of bauland42 and I also do Rails security audits. You read the official Rails Security Guide? Great, so we know each other already, I wrote it. Contact me at 42 -the AT sign- bauland42.de or on Twitter.

Do you have a Rails security strategy?
Here's the new complete Rails guide to developing an overall security strategy. If you sign up today, I’ll give it to you for free.

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bauland42 is a web application security consulting company focused on Ruby on Rails.

This web site will be updated soon to gather quality content about Rails security.

Also, take a look at my free book about Ruby on Rails security that I wrote some years ago.

You can contact me here or at 42 (the_AT_sign) bauland42.de. Refer to this site for more information about my security consultancy.